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World Conqueror 1945 Reviews

A fun game, with a few minor quirks

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Overall, World Conqueror is a fun game, and is generally way more interesting to play than Risk. But there are a few annoyances: The tutorial is completely useless, and was probably written with Google Translate or something akin to that. Additionally, the game is really slow when you play "Conquest" mode; you have to wait for all of the computer players to make their move before you can play, which easily takes 1+ minute. This happens EVERY turn, and there's no way to skip it.

The autosave feature isn't too useful, either. It only seems to autosave if you actually press the "Quit Game" button. If you just leave the app by pressing your iPhone's home button (which I'm guessing is the way most people do it), you lose your save.


Some of these problems were fixed in the latest updates.Wait times in between turns has been shortened by nearly half (even though they're still wayyyy too long). And it autosaves every turn now.