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Not all that great

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It's a blog gone CMS, and it shows. Not from a user's POV, but from a developer's it's kind of messy to implement a design I have to say. Tried Contao and I haven't looked back ever since.


It's the king for a reason

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WordPress is the king... it has the most plugins and the most dev force behind it. Sometimes it can be clunky but you won't find a more capable system


The best.

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It's free, and the best CMS (site management controller). Not as customizable as drupal, but unlike drupal, I have not had a single problem. All the plugins install and uninstall smoothly without currupting everything. Simple yet complex. Very stable, and endless support. Thousands of themes to choose from.

yes you are right. it is much better than drupal, Joomla also very easy to customize.

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i am using wordpress.com and i think it was not bad but...

for free users, it will be more benefits to use blogger because :

  • free wordpress.com doesnt let you monetize, and instead they put their own ads on our posts
  • free wordpress.com doesnt let you use plugin or customize HTML, which is limited customization

some wordpress fatal weakness :

  • this is applies to every wordpress even open source which is wordpress.org, the categorization are very complicated because it must have one category which is called uncategorized !

Imagine there is hundreds of posts with uncategorized category, it will be hard to remove those uncategorized, because you will need to create new category, then set them to these new category, in order to remove uncategorized with exchange those new category become the new uncategorized ! which doesn't offer efficiency

  • Dashboard Performance, compared to blogspot, is very slow which is 10x slower, because wordpress dashboard has delay of 1-2 seconds of every action, and up to 1 minute of every bulk actions, and may costs 10-20 minutes for import/export entire content.

when i am using blogspot, it was very fast because it took only half second of every action, 1-2 seconds of bulk actions, and 1 minute or less to import/export !!!

maybe you think this is not really fatal problem, but i think this is really fatal for blogger like me that are posting about 100-200 posts, which costs 2-3 days to post all of them on wordpress !

  • and the last thing is not really fatal but still matters ! Wordpress editor doesn't retain TEXT FORMATTING, if you copy the documents with font colour, etc and paste it into the wordpress editor, your text will turn into plain black or default text formatting !

but of course wordpress is better in customization IF YOU ARE ABLE TO AFFORD THEM !
even wordpress.org requires hosting and domain to run online, wordpress.com costs very EXPENSIVE to unlock pro features which is around $100 !


like it

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i really like it, is free and works just fine