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Works great for installing Windows ISO onto a flash drive using a linux machine.

I use this program exclusively, and have never had any issues with it.

Please remember that this program also contains woeusbgui for a graphical interface.

If you're getting to the point in your life where you're switching "back to" windows after a linux installation, or just creating a bootable usb drive for a friend, this is the tool to use. Single command, an input and an output, and all hassles taken care for you - no "optional settings", no "never need to touch this" buttons, no bloat, no wasted space, no nonsense. If you're just needing to create a windows ISO, this is absolutely the tool to use.

Honestly I've never tested it with other iso's, but I can definitely claim that this tool has created a proper windows installation media every time. I don't think I can even recall ever having an issue.


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Not so easy to use, but it works! ;)


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You have to be a Nerd / Geek to even start using this!

Mr Lin no longer provides ready to install binaries for his wondrous creation. Instead you must "clone the git, use your wit, rub some spit, and miss or hit"!

So, apparently, this software is just targetted at advanced programmer type people who are at ease building binaries from source posted on GitHub. Why would they even bother with Windows, then, escapes me.


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Hello, I'm one of the contributor of WoeUSB, please checkout our issue tracker and wiki if you encounter any issues using WoeUSB.