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WizNote looks like a gift for open source enthusiasts looking for an Evernote replacement. The problem is that it uploads your data to Chinese servers without explaining how that data is stored, what your rights are, who has access or what happens if you cancel. There is no mention of, e.g. encryption, either. If you value the privacy or security of your data, you should stay well away from WizNote. Who knows what it does with your information.


As a general comment, not to any specific product, for your security, note that a product like ZoneAlarm Firewall (not Win10 firewall ironically, but typical for MS) will give you individual probe out / in approval of anything that wants to connect to the internet or to your system. Also easy access to these lists, pre-configuring, and even one-click lookups of 'what is that?' type processes. Choose carefully for the same reasons. It's free.
Even programs like OneNote will default to the web. But any program that only works with your data that it uploads so that it can "sync you" is inherently a massive PIA, and security NO, NEVER!

..any program that only works with your data that it uploads so that it can "sync you" is inherently a massive PIA, and security NO, NEVER!

The exception being programs that implement local encryption with keys they don't have. Such services include Sync.com, Spideroak, Tresorit, Protonmail (including with Bridge), Tutanota, Bitwarden, Encryptr, Jitsi Meet, Signal, Peerio and so on. These sync data but cannot see the data they sync.

Now, that's not the only consideration because it may be that they are collecting other data, like, e.g. login times, IP addresses, cookies and so on. But in terms of security, locally encrypted data is the only real way to go.

That's not to take anything away from the value of well setup firewalls. Windows, however, is an inherent security and privacy disaster and I would urge anyone who can to move away from it to a good Linux system (e.g. Mint, OpenSuse or Manjaro).

10/10 software. Deserves to be better-known

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This is a killer piece of software.
Notes produce html that is clean of inline css (beats word, onenote).
Encryption, powerful search, and a mobile app that beats mostly anything. Plugins galore. Makes onenote and evernote look like toys.
I wonder why wiznote is not better-known... maybe because the site is not in English?

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Official Support Linux and Web/Android is very powerful


Good, not perfect

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Seems like a promising app. Has some functions that Evernote doesn't: sub-sub folders, css for notes,calendar, several different skins, many plugins, great import-export (including from Evernote), templates etc etc.
On the other hand, it's main drawback is that it's mostly targeted at Chinese customers: although the Windows and Android apps are translated into English, many lines are still in Chinese, and sharing options are some Chinese social networks. Feedback also leaves much to be desired.
Bottom line, it's a good alternative to Evernote if they internationalize a little (or at least create a knowledge base webpage and support forum in English)

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Well I've used other products that are very cool and free - simple fast flexible html and mht editor WIZHTMLEDITOR is apparently by the same programmer or team sponsored by a company - hopefully not the people's army! Seems way too nice for that. :n(
WIZHTML is very competent - both easy and valuable and unique features - like this one is making you happy. Never had a problem with it - but it's abandonware for several years, along with other earlier versions of a KM product like this one. I am so glad to see he's come back with something fresh and competitive. YES same problems with a lot of Chinese language links and no English blog - but pretty good basics in professionally done website. It's not brain-science.

No, the MAIN problem is that you don't know where your data is going. Whose servers does it end up on? Where are they? How is it stored? Encrypted or not? If encrypted, how? Who has access? Who owns the data? What happens to your data if you delete a note? What happens to it if you cancel? Is it deleted? Completely? Securely? After how long? It is unacceptable not to be clear and explicit about all these things when you are handling other people's data. Data security and privacy is the primary reason many people wish to move away from the likes of Evernote, OneNote and Google Keep. Using WizNote might well be jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. Check out Turtl or Elephant instead.