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Makes really Sloppy Unoptimized websites

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I run wappylzer and builtwith plugins on chrome to analyze what websites run which platform

Can't remember any time at all that I've ever seen a good looking optimized wix platform

Wix also produces some of the most atrocious looking HTML/CSS I've ever seen as well

WYISWYG (what you see is what you get) looks good at face value... not so much elsewhere


No backup!

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The main problem is that it is not possible to create backup of your site, if you use HTML5 sites.

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[NDAS is not a competitor in the hosting / auto-site industry as are other reviewers herein.]

We found the system highly problematic and tech support lacking in knowledge of web code. In addition, any solution offered (usually avoiding code topics) involved compromising the user's own privacy / security, often without achieving a successful solution. Too much suspicious interest in the type of browser used, which is also a sign of (1) lack of knowledge and or (2) a wish to compromise / track / collect user information.

Tech support also showed signs of being overburden (?) as response to initial queries took hours. Acceptable BUT when given extensive specifics about a problem to speed up the process... the wait time increased x5 or more.

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Really good if you want to make a simple website! If you wan't to make more complicated one than I recommend Wordpress, and a VPS host.


It is a great site builder

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The interface is slick and user friendly, you can intuitively find your way through.
There is also an online forum that I quickly found answers to my questions.
There are beautiful templates for every type of web site that you can pick and start from that.

The only [trivial] issue I have encountered so far is too many pages open up when trying to edit or create a new page; having said that I am really impressed with Wix in overal.

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