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Avoid the Witopian Lemon

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I bought this “Witopian VPN Pro lemon’ less than one week ago. My system is Win XP Pro SP3 and Witopia just does not work as advertised, read NO SSL/OpenVPN. Very nice web site but it is mostly BS particularly the quote “All customers enjoy live support 365 days a year and we serve it up however you want “. Spent the last week, near on 8 hours a day and sent a gazillion emails to their “tech support” = “two guys in a shed somewhere in the Pacific” and all I got back, very slowly, and very unhelpfully was a list of accusations. (1) It was my fault as I must have clicked on something, (2) it was my “machines” fault, (3) it was my security software’s fault, (4) it was my OS’s fault, (5) if SSL/Open VPN did not work I should be happy that PPTP and IPSec did, (6) I should downgrade to an older version of their software and see if that works …….at the same price of course, (7) while they tell you to check out the wiki the tech guys (joke) tell you that the wiki is actually old rubbish that does not relate to the latest version, (8) they tell me that I should format my PC HD and then reinstall my OS and see if Witopia works?

Do not go near this rubbish if you are using Win XP Pro SP3 and even if you are using a different OS I can guarantee you, based upon a week of hair pulling experience, that the “tech support” you will get will be absolutely useless and only leave you feeling as frustrated as I am right now.

Two tin cans and a long piece of string are a better alternative to WiTopia.