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Decent, could be better.

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I like it well enough, it's useful.
It does have few fairly problematic issues or places that could use improvement, the main one being signed out constantly.
I have to sign into this thing so often. All the time, sometimes multiple times in a few minutes. Even checking remember me. I've never had a problem in any other web service, even not checking remember me. (I contacted the service about the issue a bit ago but have yet to hear back.)

I also wish there could be folders or at the very least let the tags be functional and able to sort based upon them in the public wishlist side, instead of just the editing side.

I also wish the "Add to Wishlist" overlay had the ability to add tags as you're adding an item, instead of having to go to the list page itself and tag the item after the fact.

I chose it over Whimventory as you could add comments and it does not show "date added" as I don't like activity stats being public, but those are the only advantages it has to me.
If there could be categories/sub lists or functional sorting tags, as well as add the ability to tag as you add, it would be excellent.

(Also if it would stop logging me out. Very irritating.)

Works decently for its purpose.