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Wise Jetsearch quick review, comparison

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Out of curiosity, I tried this piece of software.
(I use Everything (by Voidtools) regularly, so I compare Jetsearch's usability to that.)

The very first seconds were rather disappointing, the minutes after that, more so.
Facts,opinions and reasons in a quick list:

-The installed program's shortcut is set to run with admistrative rights. May concern some users, but okay, so be it.
-It doesn't have an uninstaller shortcut, only from the Control panel can You uninstall it. Minor annoyance.

-Links (homepage, online help, etc.) open in Internet Exporer, instead of default browser (in my case, Firefox).
Firefox has all the file associatons, it opens even .URL files automatically, so, Jetsearch uses some other method,
that is unknown to me (maybe it calls iexplore.exe directly? That would suck, but in the end it doesn't matter, You will see later what I mean). This behaviour is also annoying.

If these weren't enough, here come the reasons, why this software sucks (and this is my opinion only).

-Except for "Run JetSearch when the computer starts", and "Run quick search window with JetSearch", no other configuration options are present.
-NO HOTKEY, only accesible with mouse control.
-NO USABLE KEYBOARD CONTROL for navigation. No cursor movement with directional keys, no use of Home/End, PageUp/PageDown, and Tab

-Weird keyboard behavior in search box. ENTER and DELETE works as expected, but CTRL+A does not. It adds TABs to the search box text field (not tabs like browser tabs, but tabs like tabulators in a document file) To select text, click or double-click with mouse.
-While text is selected, moving left/right with the cursor keys does not deselect the text.

-Not-so-good search capabilities (Compared to Everything). Typing "txt" (without the quotes) in JetSearch doesn't yield any results. Doing the same in Everything lists all the files/directories beginning or containing "txt", as well as files with .txt extension.
-".txt" (again, without the "s) and "txt" or "txt" works in JetSearch. This is a strict implementation of rules, that, in my opinion, is inferior to Everythings's search.

-And well, at last, search is taking seconds every time, while Everything does this almost instantly (when files and folders are indexed, but that takes only seconds first time, and i have 373482 objects indexed at the moment).

I hope this review/rant helps.