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Unfortunately, this isn't about WireTap Studio per se; rather, it's about this site in general and a rather annoying UI issue I have noticed of late.

That issue is when I came to this page looking for an alternative to a Mac-only program, the drop-down menu was set to "All Platforms" ... but when I clicked that to specify the Mac OS (remember, WireTap Studio IS a Mac-only program), instead of being able to select the Mac OS directly, I had to click the "View Less Popular Operating Systems" option, where I could FINALLY select the Mac OS.

That, in my opinion, is an example a poor user interface.

I don't want that extra -- and completely unnecessary -- step. I should be able to directly select which OS I want, without having to go through a totally unnecessary secondary list that should not be there in the first place. As a Mac user, I am, unfortunately, used to stuff like that ... but that doesn't mean I like it, so if you could get rid of that extra step, that would be good.

Finally, for my opinion on WireTap Studio, I have never used it, never having upgraded from WireTap Pro, which did -- and still does -- work just fine for me on my two Macs that are running Mac OS 10.6.8 ... but I will need something for my iMac that runs 10.10.xx.