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Its NOW Open Source

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Wire released its server code!


A work in progress with some serious security issues

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Many employees working on Wire have previously worked on Skype, and Skype's co-founder Janus Friis is backing the project. Wire appears to be trying to restore the privacy features that were removed from Skype when Microsoft acquired the company. Wire's instant messages are encrypted with Proteus (which is based on the Signal protocol.)

Key issues:

  • From the time of product launch, Wire's encryption has been poorly implemented
  • An audit has uncovered some serious security flaws
  • Wire's promotional information has been somewhat deceptive and misleading

The developer has addressed many complaints in a constructive manner, but various problems remain — for example WIRE SERVERS PERMANENTLY RETAIN A LIST OF ALL CONTACTS EVER MADE (which could be abused or stolen by hackers.) Wire has the potential to be a good product, but Signal is currently regarded as superior by security experts, and decentralized systems like Tox or Ricochet with forward security might be preferred.

Another similar product in development: Matrix (protocol)


No link to audit because?

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Wire had a rough start. A very confusing interface and their cross-platform solution plagued with bugs and missing messages.

That said, for the last two years, Wire has stabilised to become my primary messenger. With full end-to-end encryption builtin, server and client completely open-source, and vast cross-platform support, it has everything one needs now to be their primary driver. All of my social network now uses it.


Open source and respectful of privacy

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We all must promote Wire. This is our future. Many others are spying on us and are collecting metadata, big data etc. Is it the world we want to live in?


Not open source boi

If it is not open source, you must contact Wikipedia to correct it: "Wire Swiss GmbH released the source code of the Wire client applications under the GPLv3 license in July 2016"

This is true, the client is opensource.
But the server not!

Yes, you are right, the servers are proprietary. But in the end, I tend to trust more Wire Swiss Gmbh than big business Skype owned by Microsoft, who is collecting our personal data every day, hour, minute.

What about riot and others?

Matrix is owned by British, end-to-end encryption is good, but they still enforce their shit laws when it comes to public chats. Has a long way to go.

Made in Europe and Switzerland. Open Source and Privacy matters! The best, the present and the future of instant messaging and video.

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I highly recommend it. If you look at wikipedia (english page), you will notice it is an open source software. The philosophy of the people who created it is totally different from others proprietary software. As european, we must use this app instead of proprietary and (unfortunately) popular apps.

You can use it with Ubuntu or Windows, Android, IOS, Mac. Video calls, audio calls, instant message etc.

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Its not open source

Dishonest website

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On the website they claim the messenger is open source, but in reality it isn't. As far as I can tell they are only using certain open source components. Not the same thing! They also flat out lie on their Privacy page, saying Signal doesn't encrypt attachments. Yes. Yes they do. The source code is on GitHub, it's not like Signal can lie about this and get away with it. From Signal-iOS on GithHub: Phone calls, messages, and attachments are only visible to you and the other people with whom you are communicating.


In mid-July client source code was also released to GitHub.

But not the server or other parts!

I.fixed id

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Security, cross platform integration.

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does anybody know, what exactly "free personal $$$" means. is wire free for any personal private use (and fee-based for business only), or does everybody have to subscribe to the offered cost-intensive services after the 30-days free trial, no matter if personal private or business?

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It's free for personal use. There is a breakdown on prices for commercial use.

A modicum of thought on your part would answer this.

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Abandons "old" versions of platforms requiring buying new hardware to use.

Old android CAN use TLS 1.2

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Wire, as well as Jami (formerly Ring I think) is now 100% libre (open source) : software and server codes are indeed libre if I am not mistaken.
And Wire is in Switzerland, not Us, not European Union, not China, Russia, India ...located.

In general, Switzerland is the BEST place (I am french not swiss) because our countries do not protect our digital rights and do not protect whistlerblowers like Edward Snowden or Julian Assange.

Protonmail, Tutanota, as email clients (both libre / open source) and ProtonVPN are also programs I choose because I do not trust my country as far as digital rights and privacy are concerned !
Remember this : no libre code means no privacy.
Proprietary software are the digital cancers of our societies, in my opinion, because they can (and they do) spy on you every minute.


Its NOT Opensource

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This app only has an open source client.

If this is open source becouse a small part of it is, then Teamspeak, Telegram, discort and others are open source too.

Please correct this mistake


I've done it

It seem server got open sourced few months ago, but not documented at the moment

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See my review about Wire. It is a great software that deserves to be supported, because it is fully Libre (open source), servers and software code are 100 % libre / open source.

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Beautiful design and actively maintained. I'm frequently using their video calls and I'm very happy with the quality.


Wire Turned off web access with no warning

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see https://support.wire.com/hc/en-us/articles/207692205--Are-Wire-for-OS-X-Windows-and-Web-currently-down-

They are upgrading the service and they only let iOS and Android apps to run, without any notice, not so great eh?