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Bitvise SSH Server (WinSSHD) Reviews

Excellent ssh server

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I've been running Bitvise SSH Server (ex-WinSSHD) on my home server for 10+ years, and it works flawlessly. Not one single problem ever.

I mainly use it to tunnel Remote Desktop sessions when I'm away from home, which is extremely conveniently achieved when also using Bitvise SSH Client (ex-Tunnelier) since it has built in support for Remote Desktop tunneling. Also, it's simple to disable shell access for an account, I'm also doing that, to further reduce the attack surface.

Considering that it's free for non-commercial use, it doesn't really have any competition on the Windows platform as far as I'm concerned.

I consider it a bonus that it isn't based on OpenSSH, since it for example never suffered from Heartbleed. That of course doesn't mean that it will never have any other security problems, but at least it's less exposed.


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I think I can safely say there isn't anything like it on Windows.
It has absolutely anything you'd want in a SSH server. It integrates fine-grained access control and makes it very easy to use features such as port obfuscation or OTP authentication.
I've been using it for years to tunnel into my Windows workstation for RDP, SOCKS proxying, reverse tunneling and file transfers, and it works flawlessly.
They also provide some support on their website even for free users and usually reply under 48 hours.

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