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This review is for windows.
After several years of using DiffMerge; I decided to find again another diff tools (free ones); those constant mouse clicking and scrolling left to right hurting my hand.

Several years ago I tried Meld, KDiff, before picking DiffMerge.
This time I tried CompareIt and WinMerge JP.

WinMerge JP Pros:

  1. Diff Panel: middle bottom diff panel to see current line diff (like beyond compare); might need to press F9 to go to Merge mode to make it auto update when you move cursor to new line.
  2. Can also change layout (word wrap + vertical/horizontal) so no scrolling left to right needed.
  3. Realtime comparison: Both left and right panel are editables. Although you must press F5 to refresh; you don't have to save changes though.
  4. ShortCut to copy just 1 line; press alt+arrows to copy 1 line. Other tools force us to copy block of codes based on the diff algorithm, but usually we only need to add 1 empty line and copy 1 line from other files. For some csv/tsv the diff algorithm might miss detecting just 1 or 2 extra lines.
    This copy 1 line is my hand saver. Previously with DiffMerge, I must use mouse a lot to select 1 line and copy paste. With WinMerge navigation shortcuts I can boost my productivity.

After reading the original WinMerge news; this JP branch version is going to be merged back to original repo. I believe this Pros exist for other branches too like WinMerge2011.

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WinMerge JP has a more intuitive interface than WinMerge 2011. Also, it has high-dpi support.