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WinMerge 2011 Reviews

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WinMerge 2011 is a very good tool for finding differences between files and directories. It also have a merge function.


Not really a Linux tool

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Not sure why this tool is marked as working on Linux. The Downloads page only has Wine installers - https://bitbucket.org/jtuc/winmerge2011/downloads/

If you're looking for a Windows tool to run on Linux, then Small Compare It! iconCompare It! is by far more reliable and faster than BeyondCompare, Meld, Kdiff3, SmartSynchronize


Compare It was last updated in 2010, 8 yrs ago.
Website has various copyright dates varying between 2009 and 2010, and releases list is not dated nor are any of the releases.
Granted the low "likes" for Compare It might because it is commercial only ... I didn't get as far as testing.
My needs are for Windows