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Used to like it...

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I used to like Windows but after some time using it, I'm starting to hate it because

1)cannot completely remove Internet Explorer,Windows Media Player,Paint,etc which takes some space in my small hard drive

2)too many maintenance and apps needed to optimize Windows 7

3)a pain to find driver after clean install

In my opinion,Ubuntu is better than Windows 7 (never tried Mac yet)


Not perfect

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I prefer windows 7 to windows 8/10 because:
1.My graphic driver (AMD 7670M) is not fully compatible with windows 8/10 (I tried 100 different drivers from AMD/Windows Update, No difference)
2.Low boot speed compared to my hardware on 8/10
3.Low performance on Virtual Machine on 8/10
4.Incompatible hardware drivers (like GPU, USB port, Wireless, Bluetooth, Ethernet port) on 8/10
5.Smoother UI and easier to use on 7. I don't like metro style too much
6.High CPU usage on 8/10 so weak battery and overheating CPU and GPU

I like Ubuntu. I have Ubuntu on my laptop and 80% of time i'm using Ubuntu. because:
1.Smoother UI and much lighter than win7
2.Less driver problems compared to all windows versions
3.Application installation is so easy on Ubuntu
I can't delete windows and use Ubuntu always because:
1.In my country, Most (maybe all) apps are not supported on Ubuntu
2.I'm C# developer. So i need to install VisualStudio or any other app on Windows
3.Much easier to find specific softwares

C# now works on linux with .net core , still you'll need to port previous apps to .net core first which you should do anyway I think

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i just love it and its still my favorite system


cool app

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some of the best software of its kind, no fake crap, it really is free and unlimited. Supporting it because it is really great software thanks.


Show 👌👌👌

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Mano muito épico Windows 7 melhor sistema ????????????


Best operating system ever

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It's faster than Vista
It does support 64-bit (a lot better than XP did)
It feels a lot more comfortable and easy to use than Windows 8/10.
There's no need to explain why it's better than Ubuntu and other linux distros, right?

Beautiful, fast, secure (well, it was a few years ago) and it just works. I love it!

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Not so good

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Although Windows 7 has a good UI, but it's buggy and commercial. I think Ubuntu is much better.


I love Aero Snap

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I love Aero Snap (it's especially fantastic with two monitors). Just pull down on your browser's taskbar, and woosh! The window is no longer maximized. Holy crap! It gets even better if you're using a modern browser, which allows you to drag-and-drop individual tabs. Combine this with Aero Snap, and pretty soon you're flipping windows all over the place. Wooooooooooo! Want to see your desktop? No problem, just drag that maximized window out of the way. Sick of your stupid desktop? Drag the window back up. Maybe you want to see two windows at once-- no problem. Just flick one window to the left of your screen, and one to the right. Screw keyboard shortcuts, you have a MOUSE! With Aero Snap in Windows 7, window management is simply super special awesome.

where do I find this Aero Snap bit? is it an addon? got Win7 on my netbook but never seen it..or is it not included in the starter edition perhaps?

Aero Snap should automatically be turned on. Drag a window to the right or left edges of the screen, and it should automatically snap to take up half the screen. I've never used Windows 7 Starter, but I can't imagine that Microsoft would omit such a major feature.


Ugly as hell

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So our company finally made the switch to Windows 7 and all I has to say is that this must be the ugliest product ever made.