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Decided to use this rather than Sysinternals Desktops, Dexpot and VirtuaWin.

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Unfortunately there is no configuration GUI. The defaults are not sane, especially if you have a fat taskbar like me (default config takes up half the taskbar).

I'm posting my own windowspager.ini (for x64 1.02) for anyone interested: pastebin.com/h5vfYQW2

It has 4 spaces bound to alt+[1-4]. You move a window to a space with alt+ctrl+[1-4]. The small tray icon uses 1-wide 4-tall instead of 4-wide 1-tall default.


Wow! This One Is Very Lightweight and Easy to Use!

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It does not even have a GUI setting interface. Just a few icons in the taskbar and a little menu in the titlebar, the most two common things, they are handy and stable, I guess I don't need other ways to manage windows.

Before trying this I also tried Dexpot, a very powerful virtual desktop software. But maybe I'm just unlucky I lost one of my windows and cannot find it back by using all the ways I called to mind. This did not happen on WindowsPager, my machine is a bit slow for what I'm running on my system so it does not respond that quick, WindowsPager will tell me the reponse status on the screen. I think this make it stable.

I guess I will continue to use it.


I switched back to Dexpot, finally it's better in more aspects.