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WinDataReflector helped me to organize in one place all my downloads that were scattered across different locations and drives (approx. 500GB). It provides a dead simple UI with a couple of settings to define what to sync where, and what to do in case of a file/folder conflict. As for me, this is one of the best examples of excellent usability.

Sync can be one-way or 2-way, you can also set a backup sync to an archive. To see what files will be affected by a sync, there is a special "Process" button to emulate the process. Very handy. WinDataReflector features tabs, so you can have different types of sync in different tabs simultaneously.

Another aspect to mention is the speed of sync. I don't know how, but all my files got synced about 20 percent faster than with other tools (I used AutoVer, Toucan, Free File Sync, Synkron). Even with the simplest 5-minute sync, WinDataReflector can save you up to 1 minute.

This tool is my only way to keep my downloads organized, as I'm constantly changing their location and sometimes my drives resemble a junk yard. Furthermore, it is perfect for making emergency backups of critical files/folders and instant syncs.