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Sure it finds everything super fast, but keep in m...

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Sure, it finds everything super fast and is very extensible, but keep in mind that the Wox app consumes 70-80 MB of memory and requires the Everything app to also be running, which consumes another 70-80 MB. If you are limited on resources, then there are other command-line launchers out there that consume a lot less memory.


Great program

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I am really satisfied with wox. Lightning fast program launcher. Integrated with everything it let's you almost instant search through files and folders on computer. It have easy theme-ing with website where you can make and download theme. It comes with: calculator, hex color preview, url opener, web search of most popular sites (that can be easily expanded with a little knowledge).
And since it is open source project, there is a handful of useful plugins (73 atm), like: take and upload screenshot to imgur, search caniuse, kill process, translate, clipboard history, change power plan, see disk usage, change case, change system volume, generate random passwords etc.
Recommended for everyone who likes to be productive and do things with keyboard.

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Best alternative to Mac's Alfred for Windows, I found



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This is what I am looking for. Like a combination of Everything (included as plugin) and Listary.

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