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Work great for my use case. (Single mount)

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Notable bugs:

  • Multiple sshfs connections/mounts behave irregularly; I advise one-connection at a time.
  • dependencies must be installed in Compatibility Mode for Windows 7 as most.

Other than that, this is an ideal application for working on remote file systems without using alternative buggly/ancient/freemium/poorly-integrated software.

If you need multiple connections; try, or use Linux (I like anything in the Debian and Gnome space like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora)


sshfs mounting in Windows

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win-sshfs would be great if it automatically reconnected whenever the connection is lost. Instead it just sits there claiming that it is still connected, so 90% of the time that you try to open the drive, Windows says "shortcut is no longer valid do you want to delete it?" Grr.


I love win-sshfs

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I love sshfs for windows! I use it everyday. I found this post really useful for beginners: http://igikorn.com/sshfs-windows-8/