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Too much ads

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I was happy Wikipedia user for years and now they started to spam me with "donate" ads all the time. They recently increased staff dozens of times and this is why they need so much money. They should just fire all those unnecessary staff.


They need to make a living

bad admins

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wikipedia admins are terrible. They don't want you to know the truth and will remove everything. I hope there will be an alternative for wikipedia.


I agree. All my good contributions got reversed in a day because the got pissed at me for challenging their authority. Is more about power monopoly than truth !

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Is all fine and dandy until you try to contribute you will quickly find is not really the encyclopedia everyone can edit. There are various admins and power circles and power struggles and often good ideas get rejected and bad ideas approved simply because they "seem" okay with the admins. A lot of articles are of very poor quality and the quality is getting lower by the day it seems. I would only use to collect references. Deff never gonna donate again! Bad experience.

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Wikipedia has evolved into a great place to research and use as a reference.