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If you want to spend all your time making formatting decisions and designing a layout for your very own personal wiki, this is the app for you. On the other hand, if you actually want to do work and spend time writing, avoid this one. A great workflow killer.


Why is there only a build for Windows users

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What's the deal with Mac and Linux users can build their own but they build it for Windows users.


Do not recommend this

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It is 2015, and its still based on code for mark up.

When I write stuff, I primary want to concentrate on CONTENT, not fiddling with markup.
Although its pretty sparse, it gets worse when images, tables would be added.

This is why this kind of applications should have basically their own category.
They are more to create HTML pages FAST. They are NOT to mark up own thoughts fast. I want to click a button and have piece of text be bold, be of paragraph 1 etc. And not mess with formating, which deviates original text by a lot - with this application, even see those ugly formatting in view.

Sorry guys, but leave TeX/LaTeX to publishers, and not users.

This app is completely overrated and somehow ugly.


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Best way that I have found to easily create my own portable regex searchable wiki and be able to use it, fast and most easily.


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opensource. Great way to organize information in a non-linear way


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Broken. Unable to create a new file or edit the sample one. Throws an error when closing.

(I'm using Win 7 Pro)


Not everybody's cup of tea, but gold for power-users

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I have been using WikidPad as a personal wiki for almost 5 years now and it contains everything from minutes, to private notes to a collection of files that are arranged in a matrix fashion. However, it took me about a year until I could appreciate most of the features.

I disagree that a modern program has to have buttons to click instead of meta-language. Using wikidpad is super efficient exactly because your thoughts will not be better if you do a lot of formatting, but using meta language makes me much faster.

I would love to have a more beautiful interface and better image integration, but so far I could not find any program that is

  • as efficient when entering text, links and files,
  • is portable and cross platform,
  • can be used offline

Memory hog warning

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Keep in mind that this program consumes about 60 MB on launch. IMHO this is a bit overkill for what is basically a fancy tree outliner.