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Although Wickr is not fully open sourced, like Signal or Wire, it does make end-to-end encrypted, zero-knowledge, ephemeral message a priority. It also has the backing of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (one of the few good guys fighting for your rights online) for Wickr's adoption of industry best practices.

The basic idea is that the developers/owners of the app you are using should not be able to a) read your messages, b) give them to authorities, c) have them in a readable format that hackers could get at if they breached the servers. The way to ensure this is to use end-to-end encryption and, potentially, to have a policy of deleting messages after some time. This is the approach Wickr implements and does it well.

Switch to Wickr, Signal, Wire or Peerio or Threema if you use Facebook Messenger, Google Allo, Yahoo Messenger, Slack or any of the other privacy disrespecting/disregarding services.