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Facebook bought this company basically to spy on people (teens) not wanting to use FB or to keep their marketshare. Use Telegram or Signal instead to keep competition, also Telegram is the app WhatsApp copies.

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WhatsApp have been caught lying about the privacy of your messages.

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WhatsApp have claimed that they implement secure end-to-end encryption, which is intended to allow only the sender and recipient of a message to be able to read it. It has now been discovered that this is not in fact true. It looks as though WhatsApp intentionally weakened the way they implement the cryptography in order to enable "backdoor" access to transmitted messages.

For more information, see here:

For altenatives and a longer explanation, click the Reviews tab and see my review there.


""WhatsApp have been caught lying about the privacy of your messages.""

oh,no...this can't be true (!) ... facebook is not a liar, it is your friend! Helps you connect to others(!) ( :D )

  • this was not a secret, only naive people thought that such a hyped bullsh!t software is trustworthy. and believe me they will use it after this, they do not care
  • the next "big news" will be: microsoft, google & ALL u.s based corp. do the same...

I think they have already made a statement:

  • "WE" found a security "BUG", the next release will fix this, stay with us, we work hard for your privacy...bla,bla,bla

WhatsApp have been lying about the privacy of your messages.

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One of WhatsApp's claims is that it comes with end-to-end encryption, which means that only the sender and the recipient can see the contents of messages.

Well, now it has emerged that that is a flat-out lie. Facebook and Whatsapp have been shown to implement otherwise reliable cryptography (for encoding messages between people), in a way that in fact makes it possible for Facebook/WhatsApp to intercept what you're saying. (This is sometimes called a "backdoor"). WhatsApp is therefore not the privacy-oriented service they told you it was.

It is also true of such situations that a 'backdoor' letting in one person/organization can be discovered by/revealed to another. It is therefore possible that Facebook/WhatsApp have done this on purpose to allow, e.g. the NSA or others to continue with their mass surveillance programs. It is further possible that people/organizations that Facebook/WhatsApp did not intend to give access to your messages have also gained access.

You should not use WhatsApp for sending anything you wouldn't want to become completely public.

For more information:


  • For mobile: Signal. It's end-to-end encrypted and open source (free)
  • For video messaging (Skype/Google Hangouts are not secure): Jitsi Meet is the simplest. You go to a website, you share a link. It just works.

There are other options, including Linphone and Jitsi over XMPP.


I respect what you said and I know it's been a while, but Signal Foundation themselves denied that the encryption is poor and assured it can't be broken and user messages cannot be accessed.

always open source!

Yes It's Time To Ditch WhatsApp!

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Following today's announcement that WhatsApp plans to "..begin sharing more data with Facebook and will start letting some companies send messages to users.", it's high-time to look elsewhere and ditch WhatsApp for good.

There is an opt-out procedure, but can we trust facebook?


WhatsApp users to receive adverts

How do I choose not to share my account information with Facebook to improve my Facebook ads and products experiences?

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Love everything that you can do with it. Although you do need either data when you are out and about, it really doesn't take much though. I did have some connectivity issues and or delayed or scrambled messages but that was not that common so it's still not bad. I have mainly used it for work purposes and or just random group chats with friends!


whatapp is for fools and imbeciles

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whatapp repackages XMPP and violates your privacy excessively.

XMPP is an Open Standard frequently used for Texting, calling, video, conferencing

XMPP Texting

If you're not using XMPP Texting you are [naively] needlessly paying to communicate on an internets device. It's likely you are new to connectivity (10 or less years). Grow up & spend less monthly.

  • SIP Texting

is an equally zero-cost option

Either way you can bridge to your naive peers with an ITSP like anveo or vitelity.


Do not use this app; it has a history of security problems.

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WhatsApp has had a history of security problems, and the development team has demonstrated repeatedly that they could not care less, so this app might never be secure. Here's more info, if you are interested:





no more security problems..
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Solid messenging with all the features you would expect. As an Android 6 user, I really appreciate the in-house emoji.
I'm missing the ability to send original files though. When you take a panorama photo, don't bother sending it over WhatsApp because all images automatically get shrunk to something like 1.1 MP (and recompressed). Not a problem for most users though.

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I love it, easy to use and to keep in touch with people everywhere. That "seen" blue check though.. i'm not a fan of it but I still prefer this app.


best messenger app

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i think this one over here its the best messenger app. Have everthing you need and its really friendly. 10 points.


The complete commnuication app

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With its simple interface and cross platform compatibility, Whatsapp has become the best communication app for me. I no longer have to use three different apps to do what I want, but rather, stick to one. I have been using many communication apps and Whatsapp was the one that stuck through the years. No need to add users by usernames no one remembers, but rather by phone numbers. Very simple, clean interface that does not lag or slow down your phone, plus, doesn't discriminate over OS. Latest feature, Whatsapp calls, makes it complete.


Its a replacement of text messaging

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Whatsapp is a replacement of texts and if it charge $1/year I am okay with it. There are other apps that provide free calls and stickers and bla bla bla.. But the UI of whatsapp is just perfect and simple. You can have other apps like LINE, WeChat or Viber but Whatsapp is a necessity because you just can not force others to use your desired app. Afterall not in India :P


Facebook partnership sets it apart

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There are other apps that do the same thing as WhatsApp and they do not charge a $1/yr subscription fee. What may end up setting WhatsApp apart from the rest is its partnership with facebook.


Omg, craziest app in tech world. can't live wit...

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craziest app in tech world.

can't live without this app :-)

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