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They have many functions but they sometimes make me feel overloaded with them.
Well-thought-out interface that can help users use it straight off without any problem, but they lack of notifications and they don't have a checklist. They should add these two functions like what Quire and Asana do. These two apps made these functions into their strongest traits, and added Kanban boards to help out with the workload. Also, Wekan should add in better webpage/app syncing.


I agree that they need to organize their features. It tends to get a bit messy and confusing... Syncing needs to be improved too. Overall, it's an ok app, but needs to be improved if they want to compete with the other softwares.

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Hosting Wekan with docker and docker-compose is pretty straight forward.

I tried to use Wekan on my android phone. First thing to notice: There is no dedicated Wekan app. Instead you have to use your browser and navigate to your wekan instance.

Importing kanban boards from Trello was easy and everything was showed correctly.

Unfortunately the mobile version of wekan boards is not very well designed. Kanban state columns are aligned vertically and you can't drag and drop cards from one state to another. Instead you have to click through multiple menus and buttons to bring cards e. g. from "todo" to "in progress".

Wekan is feature rich but all the buttons for the features in the android app are confusing and not well designed.

In a browser on a PC Wekan looks and feels very good and is optically IMHO the best free and open source alternative to Trello so far.