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Benefits: Seems to be the only completely free Windows app for tracking changes on sites at the end of 2021. Apart from browser add-ons. Disadvantages: first, the insertion of "Item's settings" / "Specify Content ..." of the constructs [p id = "..." class = "..."] and [div class = "..."] (taken from from the monitored web page) prevented the application from seeing the changes being made to the page. "Inspect items content" displays the desired page fragment. At the same time, the constraints [div class = "..."] and [footer] did not cause an error. And secondly, notifications are displayed in a stack, and only the last one is visible. But, most importantly, the application does not seem to work. At least visual highlighting of the tracking area, as is done in AdBlock Plus, would not hurt.

* Replaced triangular brackets with square brackets here.