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It was bought by Google. Goodbye.


Advantages of Waze over other navigation systems

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  • Free: Route-recommendations take into account the current traffic situation

  • Road data up to date and only will be edited by the users

  • Free real-time event messages with photos of traffic jams, accidents and hazards

  • English-speaking countries, Norway, Austria and Sweden: Travel-direction-dependent traffic-jam-messages on highways:
    In the case of traffic jams on motorways in countries with directional information in the name of the highway segments Wazers can see instantly without a distracting button-pressing in the Waze real-time warning list and in the pop-up message on the phone, on which exact freeway segment and in what direction the jam is located. In CH, D and NL the Wazer has no quick information about the highway-jam-location and higway-travel-direction. In CH, D and NL he/she has to click on the screen while driving and zoom in to find out where the jam is. In CH, D and NL the travel-direction of the higway-segment can be seen only graphically and only by insiders, and it takes a longer time. This detracts from the driving, and can be dangerous in some cases.

  • Waze is the only navigation system for BlackBerry smartphones with screens larger than 3.5 "and with a minimum resolution of 800x480 pixels:
    As for the mobile operating system Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian and the iPhone, there are several good navigation systems, Waze is the only navigation system for BlackBerry smartphones with a large display.
    For all BlackBerry models with a smaller display than 3.7 inches and less resolution than 800x480 pixels is also "BlackBerry Traffic" by RIM available as a free navigation app from the BlackBerry App World.
    To be able to use navigation systems well visible, a display size of at least 3.7 inches and a minimum resolution of 800x480 pixels is recommended. These hardware requirements are met in July 2012, only by the BlackBerry 9860 smartphone, on which (with OS 7.0) "BlackBerry Traffic," by July 2012 can not be installed. So for the BlackBerry 9860 with OS 7 Waze is the only (and free) navigation solution. Until March 2012 Waze crashed occasionally, when BlackBerry 9860 was communicating with the Waze server for route calculation-purposes.
    It has been successful, that Waze has sent detailed log files to the server after each crash (after user approval). So since April 2012 Waze with all the features works on the BlackBerry 9860 just as reliable as in the Waze versions for Windows Mobile, Android, Symbian and Apple iPhone IOS.

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Still upset that Google won't fix Waze to work on Windows phones because they come from Microsoft . They've lost my support.


Probably because almost nobody uses Windows phone (and this is coming from someone living in Finland where - the pride of the country - Nokia only produced Windows phones for years, which was also one of the reasons for Nokia's downfall). Waze keeps updating the iOS version - even though iPhone is a direct competitor with Android - because there is a large enough user base to financially incentivize them to keep developing the iOS version. My guess is that employing Windows Phone developers is more expensive than the income generated by Windows Phone users or that the profit margin is so slim that there is no point financially to develop it for an operating system that has been officially declared dead by its creator. I also imagine that finding Windows Phone developers must be quite difficult these days.

best app for me

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It really helps with traffic and creates a route avoiding red lights and police. highly recommended especially in chaotic places


Extremely useful for avoiding traffic

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I was an early adopter of the app because in essence is sounded like a really good idea. Then I became a little weary and discontinued its usage, until I recently started using it again. Waze 2.0 really works wonders, saves me a lot of time by giving me short cuts (or rather, less congested routes) and actually makes me enjoy driving just so much more. If you get stressed when driving because of the constant stops, I'd recommend using it.


The only navigation app with an interface that makes sense

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Waze is the only iPhone navigation app I can find with a user interface that actually makes sense. All of the buttons are located exactly where you would expect them to be! It's also the only iPhone navigation app that actually allows you to search for a destination, rather than dumping you with a list of POIs (points of interest) and then forcing you to scroll down for half a minute before you can find a single location more than 5 miles away from you.

Even without traffic updates or event alerts, Waze would still be the best iOS navigation app in my book, simply because you can actually figure out how to use it. Meanwhile on TomTom, tapping the map leads you to a tools page, and its database is seemingly incapable of searching for any location more than 15 miles away from your current location.

The only big disadvantage to Waze is that you have to download maps in realtime while driving, since maps aren't included with the app. This can get really laggy when you want to zoom out of a map to see where the navigation is actually taking you.


Useful script for the FireFox-AddOn GreaseMonkey

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A very useful script for the FireFox-AddOn GreaseMonkey is available for the old Waze map editor:

See http://userscripts.org/scripts

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A great & unique navigation app with a splendid future

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A great and unique navigation application with a very big future
I tested WAZE and I think, this application has sensational possibilities in the future, similar as wikipedia, where also thousands of persons contributed to a very big information database with a very good quality.
I can imagine, that in one year waze has a better database information status than commercial navigation systems, which are not able to actualize the geographical data as quick as waze with thousands of contributors.
It is the only navigation system worldwide, where a user can add, edit and correct new roads or points of interest very quickly. It works very good and it makes fun to work with Waze.
I am very fascinated from waze and see a big future for it, also for extended purposes, e.g. car pooling or driving communities in the future, maybe with a system of points for inviting people in my car or commuting in the cars of other people after a waze-communicated invitation.