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I used Scrivener until my Macbook died. I've tried everything, and I mean everything, and if you are looking for an app that allows to write and organize big writing projects, Wavemaker is the best and it's free.

Unlike Scrivener (that I still love and recommend) you can use it virtually in every machine, even your phone.

I love that you can use it offline in your Chromebook, for example. Chromebooks lack really good writing apps and this is the best option, by far. It supports some interesting methods of organizing your novel (like the Snowflake technique) and brainstorming ideas, like mind maps.

Things that I miss? Typewriter sounds when pressing a key :P (sounds silly, but it makes the writing experience so much better) and some kind of automatic backup to Google Drive when you are writing, instead of doing it manually.

I know this last thing it can be dangerous, but...

Anyway, kudos to the creator and thank you for his generosity.


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Works on any browser, which implies multi-platform.