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  • No Adobe DRM
  • No Pocket
  • No data collection (Removed all telemetry/data collection being sent back to Mozilla)
  • Run every 64-Bit plugin
  • Run every Add-On
  • Disabled the 64-Bit NPAPI white-list
  • Nothing found yet!!!

Unsigned extensions

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From the release 41 Firefox will start blocking unsigned extensions.
Waterfox will keep the possibility to install them, another reason to prefer this software to the original one.

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Best Firefox-fork out there, no telemetry & faster than Mozilla's browser.

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Highly problematice (old school) install on Linux. Such a shame, making it hard to test for a basic linux user.


I believe this browser is no longer updated

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and therefore poses a security threat to those who use it

My advise is going with Pale Moon x64

or plain Firefox, actually

I'm not sure if we can trust Pale Moon

Well I'm using Waterfox version 35, only one tiny point release behind Firefox, so it seems it is being updated now.

Waterfox is currently at 55.2.2 while Firefox is at 56.0.2. Updates are documented at https://www.waterfoxproject.org/blog/ … and it seems they have caught up, except that they will keep the old extensions API because WF seems to be for experienced users. FF is becoming more mainstream-orientated to not put off new internet users.