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The game is true gem of the genre!

It's the best tactical real-time strategy I have ever played. Compiles together best of two genres -- real-time strategie and turn-based wargame! Goal is simple - prevail on the territory with small amount of forces, take control over resources. The game provides a lot of tactical opportunities. Real historical events as background, there's non-linear storyline in the campaign. For example: Andropov could die during the conflict and war theater will be changed, you will lost your allies and need to control new territories.

But my favorite thing is hangar! Dozens of vehicle with specification. Each country has it's own painting, voice and aspects. Even if it's the same soviet Niva car, it will be different for different countries. You can drive, look around and learn everything about current unit in the hangar.

Another interest thing is casual and realistic game mode. In realistic mode, the game uses official NATO marks on battlefield. It's good opportunity for you to learn something you may not knew before.

And of course game engine is amazing, you can zoom in to every place, and look on highly realistic battles as if you f*****g war reporter)