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all vyprvpn traffic is filtered. AVOID

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vyprvpn is not suitable to protect your privacy.

"free" trial requires payment method.

Outbound link from AlternativeTO creates an affiliate URL. Not cool.


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spyware, running in the background all the time even when not open.

can not access a lot of sites, e.g. bbc iplayer.


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honest advertising no unrealistic promises and extremely fast on the Internet also works with satellite Internet


Very impressed!

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I use vypr to improve my Netflix streaming and to access the BBC iPlayer. Both work like a charm. Like one of the other reviewers here said, it's very fast for a vpn service. I noticed the previous comment mentions logging. When I signed up with vypr I read their VPN myths section on their website. It pretty much confirms what I thought in that nobody is anonymous online. It's refreshing to see a vpn company come clean about what the service can and can't do. I've noticed a few of the other big providers have stopped promoting themselves as anonymous now.


Not a truly anonymous VPN

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So no one gets screwed over: If you are doing anything that can violate a company's TOS then Vypr will warn you and will kick you off their service. They also log your activity. It's a fast service, but not very private. I use AirVPN. Good price, fast, and you can set your settings for no logging. Just my experience.


Good, but expensive

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VyprVPN offers a fast, reliable and easy to use VPN service. There aren't any restrictions in protocols, speed or bandwidth. The support is extremely fast too. VyprVPN has become a lot better since the last edit of this review. Their products aren't that expensive anymore, and you also get the option to pay annually - which obviously makes it so much cheaper. The NAT-Firewall is also integrated in the plan now and you're allowed to connect via two clients with the Pro Plan (which is the most used plan; including OpenVPN). Even the Desktop-Client (Windows) now looks and behaves just beautiful.

What's really unique at Golden Frog's is their new (proprietary) Chameleon protocol. With that enabled, websites can't recognize that you're using a VPN - this makes it, for instance, possible to bypass the Chinese Firewall. And last but not least you also get some free gigabytes cloud storage with Dump Truck, but I can't tell you how good that service is, as I rarely use it.

So overall they now offer an excellent service that is worth to be paid. They killed nearly every disadvantage that I've criticized before.

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