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vWallpaper is glitchy as hell, but having a video wallpaper is a cool effect to show your friends. :P

There are multiple problems with the app. First of all, the video takes a second or two to start. So when you go to the homescreen, there is always a short pause, during which the entire background of the homescreen is black. That doesn't look very good. Sometimes, the video on the homescreen doesn't start at all, until you press the home button a second time. Also, vWallpaper doesn't work when you have music playing in the background of your iPhone, because of the way iOS is written. It's too bad the app doesn't have some way to fix that. And lastly, the settings app for vWallpaper is quite buggy, as it causes my iPod to freeze in certain cases.

If you want to uninstall vWallpaper, you have to uninstall two apps from Cydia- "vWallpaper" and "SkrewCommon". SkrewCommon is the thing that's actually making the video play as your wallpaper, while vWallpaper is just the settings app.