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VueScan is perhaps the finest piece of scanning software in the world.

All the bells, whistles, and features you could ask for - More than you can shake a stick at, even. Want to scan a magazine or newspaper clip? No problem. Want to scan 6 photos at a time? You can batch that. Want your scans descreened, color-corrected, fade-corrected, and grain-corrected? You can do that, AND batch it too. Want to use a SCSI slide/negative scanner made 20 years ago, or the latest model of 64-bit color flatbed? Go ahead.

With VueScan, all of this is possible, because it practically does everything and can talk with any equipment. It's a photo-scanning expert's dream, and a photo-scanning novice's savior. It takes the nightmare out of scanning hundreds or thousands of photos, and turns it into a pleasurable experience rivaled only by tropical vacations.

Where scanning is a question, VueScan is hands-down the answer. It outperforms any manufacturer's own bundled scanning software in any and every way. Quite simply, there is nothing better.

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One of the best flatbed and negative scanning applications around; multiplatform and a host of devices and settings. Great software!

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VueScan is an amazing piece of software and well worth the price.

I own a Nikon Coolscan 5000. For those of you not in the know, it is a $1500 prosumer slide scanner that worked well on Windows System 7. It's the kind of scanner that, if something goes wrong, you get repaired. They don't make them like this because they don't make them any more.

The existing software driver didn't work well with system 10 (old hardware, remember?) and I had limited options. The test version seemed to work well...really well, so I paid the price. And I am VERY PLEASED.

This software is easier to use than the original. Using their dust removal settings works way faster than the machine's Digital ICE (and I have to say with MUCH better results). The dedusting is awesome.

But the icing on the cake? The one price gives me software for unlimited scanners. So I also get software to run my flatbed scanner... or any scanners that I have. And I have a few. And the software always works well.

To those who complain about paying for software: that's how you rate software? Whether you have to pay for it. Great versatile software costs to be developed. Pay for value and do it happily. I;ve never had to pay again for the software I bought from VueScan, so I can;t figure out what people are complaining about.

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Do NOT waste your money. Unintuitive, clunky and unreliable. Doesn't support a whole suite of scanners and there's no way to tell until your money is gone. Absolute garbage.


How is this true? It's possible to test scanning without paying. Also, 30 day money back guarantee, (though I'm not sure I trust that, given the Author's lack of care about user's experience).

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If you don’t need a scanning software every day or the one furnished with your scanner is good enough for you, don’t take a look at Vuescan. Only the lifetime version is worth to buy and it’s quite expensive.

If you need a better scanning program than your default one or your old scanner lacks any driver on Win10, it’s a great solution. I use it with Epson, Canon and Mustek scanners. Rich options, raw format, automatic repeat scans, level corrections, it’s a complete solution.

I put 4 stars because it’s not the best ergonomic tool and you have to study the options to get the best.

Support is fast and efficient.


One of the best out there

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VueScan is a serious piece of software designed for batch scanning. I've had it for a few years and have used it mostly with a slide scanner, but also with flatbed scanners (with and without ADF). The most notable features of VueScan are:

  1. It supports almost any scanner out there, including many which the manufacturers stopped supporting long ago.
  2. Its feature list is very comprehensive. For example, when it comes to slide scanning, it has all the relevant restoration algorithms (ROC, ICE and GEM) and if your scanner supports it, it will also support autofocus and multiple scan.
  3. On the downside, it is not that easy to use. If you are serious about scanning, which you would need to be to use VueScan, I recommend reading the manual, or better yet, a book about your type of scanning (book recommendations are listed on the Hamrick web site).

For what it is, it's not expensive. You can try it out for free (the scans will be watermarked). If you like it, don't bother with the standard version ($40). Instead, do yourself a favour and get the "Pro" version for $80 which includes a lifetime of free upgrades - sooner or later you'll need them!

To recap, based on my own experience this is software for people who need it. It costs money (though not nearly as much as as SilverFast, its only real competitor) and has learning curve, but if you invest in it, you'll be handsomely rewarded.


vue scan

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this seemed very nice initially but proved to be completely useless with the watermarks . i got so disapointed with this


Your scaned image will be unusable due to watermarks

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Canon decided to stop providing drivers for my perfectly good scanner, I installed VueScan and it looked like a nice program with straightforward interface. Unfortunately the free version is useless, putting dozens of annoying watermarks over the final scan. This software is way too expensive, for $79 I could buy a new scanner!

I ended up using Small NAPS2 iconNAPS2 opensource scanner software for free.

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worked for a year

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It works well; but after using it for 1 year the program prompts me to "upgrade" for yet another $40 ! And the scanning utility reverted to plastering watermarks all over the scanned file. I guess it's a program with a 1 year "lifespan"... then it needs to be renewed. It's pretty pricy for a "one year only" product.


In fact Hamrick's web page states that the standard edition have only one year of free updates so you have to pay again every year. The pro version has lifetime free updates and costs 79.95$.

It costs a bit but alternatives aren't legion. Scanitto Pro costs 25$ but has massive interface bugs on my computer and Silverfast, the pro solution will cost you a hand and two legs (and doesn't support many devices). Among the free software well, i didn't find truly convincing alternatives...

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VueScan looks promising, though I couldn't bring myself to purchase software where the author doesn't care about his use's experience. When trying contacting him via his website, using the latest version of Firefox causes errors on his contact page and prevented me from asking questions.

Also not possible to contact him about generic questions without installing his software and attaching log files. The contact form REQUIRES the log file and won't submit without it, yet the log files are so big that the contact form won't accept them. No way to contact the author. (I had to create fake log files just for the contact form to accept my questions!). When highlighting the problem to him, his response was "Try use a modern browser like Chrome", despite using the latest version of Firefox. Pointing out to him that Firefox is a modern browser, he says "I don't want to argue", shows no further interest in the conversation.

If this attitude is the kind of support I can expect when there's a price tag of about 80 Euro, I'd rather not risk it.

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quote :
"VueScan is compatible with the HP ScanJet 3400c on Windows x86 and Windows x64.

You need to install the HP driver to use this scanner on Windows x86 and Windows x64.

If there isn't an HP driver at for your operating system, then unfortunately VueScan won't work with this scanner. VueScan uses a plugin library that's installed with the HP drivers to talk to this scanner, and doesn't work with this scanner without this plugin library.

Note that HP drivers for Windows Vista or later will usually work on Windows 10.

HP sold this scanner in some countries as the ScanJet 3400.
Ok, so it is of no use for me :/


I’m very surprised. I use Vuescan with multiple scanners (Epson, Mustek, Canon…) and Vuescan uses it’s own driver. Maybe you should redo the installation and ask for using Vuescan driver. It’s the way it’s supposed to work.

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Used to be a freebee but now come with watermark on the free version. gotta pay for the program to remove the watermark.


It’s a long time Vuescan is a paying software so discovering in 2018 you need to pay is very strange.