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High quality, pleasing interface, natural experience, effective

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VUE does not have as many features and options as many other mapping programs (no preset icons and little hover effects and text pop-ups or lots of other things.
VUE is basically just simpler for really good mapping layout. The tools look great, are responsive… This is one of those programs you just play with and in five minutes you understand everything. It isn't dense and frustrating. And somehow the results just look better, more clean and professional than most other options.

For people wanting to just create simple mind-maps or concept-map charts or non-linear presentations, this is superb. Full rich-text formatting, import for images, programmed presentation paths…

Great stuff! And ethical for being Free and Open Source!

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Despite the project having not been updated for years, it remains my go-to utility for sketching out concept maps and other informal graphs because it's so flexible and easy to use. As far as I'm concerned, nothing else even comes close. It's played a very important role in my academic work over the years, and I'm sad Tufts seems to have stopped developing it.


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It seems more powerful then other Mindmap App, more complex