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I was planning to buy a software package for creating a virtual tour (ranging up to 500$). I desperately done some search and found this online service after trying two other services (Tourweaver and pixloo). I end up paying nothing and done %90 what I ideally wanted from a professional designer by doing it myself. I'm not even paying for hosting. There are some video tutorials too. A bit outdated since they improve their service a lot since the videos. The reason I selected this was it gave me other options than just panorama. taking a good panorama is not easy and panorama always will left some important details lost.

Since its free it could work as a great homework for students. Imagine if we assign designing virtual tours from all public places in city to students as IT projects. All they need is a digital camera (smart phone camera will do) and some ideas to how to present the subject.

There are a lot of things to wish for too. Better icons would be nice. I think their designer can be more intuitive. For now we cant expect a lot from a free system