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Visitors, please make sure that you don't overlook the 'reviews' page, with currently two bad reviews for VPN4all. The comments here are no reviews, although they do show you that VPN4all is a big liar.


Don't trust VPN4all

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I just want to warn everyone to not use VPN4all whatsoever. Try anything you like but not VPN4all. They are completely insane with their weird policy and restrict people more than that they set them free and safe. For once, the application works very badly. I have never seen it start up properly because it keeps asking for an activation key for the first twenty - thirty seconds. Then it starts initializing for five - ten seconds, then - if you're lucky, it connects to a server right away what also takes 15 - 20 seconds. But don't be surprised if it doesn't connect right away, it might take you ten - twenty minutes of restarting for the application to actually work. If you have 'automatic connection' turned on, it will always connect to the same server that I don't want (unchangeable). I will have to disconnect what takes 15 seconds, and reconnect to another server what takes 15 - 20 seconds as well. So either I spend an additional minute on changing the server, or I will have to turn on my connection manually every-single-time. That blows!

So far for the sane problems though. They claim to be a VPN-service that gives the people freedom. That's a lie. Something they do not tell you before you purchase their products, is that they censor pages. There are two types of servers: P2P-servers, and no P2P-servers. You can download with P2P-servers. They are always crowded and usually far away from your local destination what makes them even slower than they already are. If you want a good connection, you are forced to use a no P2P-server. Hey, that's fine with me, I don't download torrents. So, here's what the knuckleheads came up with: lets censor complete websites and additional keywords. For example, if the word 'torrent' is listed on a webpage, you will not be able to open the webpage. Result: I cannot read websites of newspapers because they were talking about ACTA. I cannot read blogs because they are talking about internet safety. I can't reach my own blog because I talked about internet piracy. Heck, you wouldn't be able to reach THIS page because I have the word 'torrent' in my comment. I have to use web based proxies (!!) to hide myself from my own VPN client (!!?) to read an article! The funniest thing is: you ARE able to download with no P2P-servers as long as you use a mirror to get the torrent. The whole idea of them isn't even working! They are a lousy excuse for a VPN host.

So, if you want to pay way too much for a crappy application, AND you feel free to constantly have a slow connection or want to fight against this way too expensive censorship they offer to actually read articles, VPN4all is the service for you!

VPN4all - the experience to feel like a North Korean for only over 200 dollar a year!


VPN4ALL is a con

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All their servers in useful places (UK/ USA) have no bandwidth. You can't even stream radio through them without buffering!

The 30 day money back guarantee is deceitful - only applies if you've downloaded less than 100meg, so once you've tested enough to realise the service is useless, you're no longer entitled to a refund.

Support is nonexistent - as in other comments here, they start off evasive & then stop responding.