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Excellent for value

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Very nice VPN. Daily use since more than 3 years from FTTH and DSL connections (with regular downloads) and also from Android phone. Very good speeds for value. About QoS, I've nothing to say, except that the uptime is closer to ~95% (according to my own experience - which is pretty good).
At this time, there are 3 private DNS servers in Europe (NL, LU, RO). Nothing leak detected with official client software on Windows, Linux (Debian) and Android. SecureProxy is a good supplement for browsers (usable with traditionnal OpenVPN), likewise for the SOCKS5 proxies (especially for download manager softwares: DDL, Torrents). Finally, support is very responsive and professional: I got answers even on weekends!

I tried other more popular services (like PIA or NorthVPN) between two subscriptions and I always come back on vpn.ac and now I intend to stay there as long as this quality of service is maintained as well. I highly recommend it you too.
You can see a complete (and realistic/objective?) review: https://vpnreviewer.com/vpnac-review

EDIT (April 2018): rating increased (4 to 5 stars) after multiple advances and service improvements for several months and disappointing tests of competing services.


Good services are hard to find they do not get too much attention & the shiny spotlight (in search results), but you have found it! Congratulations!

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Reliable & it seems dev's are actually developing it.

Compared VPN.AC to PureVPN that i used before :

  • supports SHA512 HMAC <-> only SHA1 HMAC
  • supports ECDSA (newer='UpToDate' Openssl library,CHACHA20-POLY1305) <-> only RSA
  • data channel: AESGCM <-> AESCBC

Hopefully they'll have more servers in the future.
Before you 'subscribe' buy the trial, after that you'll count as recurring customer (-20%) ;)