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Its **100% customizable** features allow a content...

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Vplayed is a great way to stream and manage your video for small to large level enterprises. The entire interface is user-friendly. Uploading videos and create playlists easily. Also, their customer support is top-notch. Overall, I really impressed and Would highly recommend them.


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It is a fully customizable solution to build VOD, OTT and live streaming platforms. Audios and videos are supported in multiple player formats and codecs. With social media sharing and third-party ad integration, I can increase engagement and my revenues from the video assets on my streaming platform.


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I am a short filmmaker with over 7 year’s experience under my belt. Having mentored and filmed several stories, I wanted to expand my art further. Even though Youtube was where I had a solid subscriber base, financing my projects only through that was not a viable option.

When I came across Vplayed, the most important thing that struck me was their flexibility. Having understood what I wanted, they created a streaming platform just the way I had in mind. It is a secure platform that ensures no leak in revenue through piracy and the playback quality is excellent.

Further, the development team is amazing to work with. With my new streaming platform, I can market and monetize through this simple dashboard and even partner with some extremely talented filmmakers to host their videos. Vplayed has built me a platform that has in less than a year, gone from 0 to 100! I hope you enjoy the experience just as I did.