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Stops unlisted EXE files from running and offers an option to run or quarantine.
Allowed EXEs are automatically white-listed.
A lot easier than AVs especially those that phone-home (the cloud) for every started program/executable.

Have been using Voodoo Shield PRO for over 12 months. In the first few days in Jun-2017 I tested free VDS, no problems.
I was very familiar with Bitdefender Internet Security and BD's whitelist.
But BD does not provide any sort of whitelist backup and if you have ever done a clean install of BD and the nightmare of re-listing all accepted EXE files, the only way to avoid constant false-positives is to manually register all executables ... hours of tedious copy pasting.
BD quarantines threats without any user choices, a real pest when BD forgets something is already whitelisted. I suspect BD get nervous about unsigned programs

Voodoo Shield PRO on the other hand can do a snapshot of your system and then you can opt-in or opt-out with each alert ... which includes a scale of safety for the given executable, and a user choice to accept or quarantine.
I ran VDS in "Learning" mode for a few days (with internet disconnected) until VDS whitelist was updated. Occasionally VDS shows an alert for rarely used EXE files (eg, updates for programs), but no hastle, VDS also display the full address of the suspect file, making it easier to locate and check.

VDS PRO's whitelist can be backed up onto your desktop OR into the VDS (free) cloud ... simplifies clean install of VDS

In Aug-2017 I stupidly ran a file containing ransom ware.
VDS was on-it in a blink, while Free BD had to phone home to check with mama. BD delay was hopeless, while VDS was immediate, and it kept blocking endless loop by the ransom attempt, until I got over the shock and stopped the dangerous file in TaskManager.

It is advisable to run a simple free AV to capture phishing. Free BD has worked for me.
VDS email support has been very quick <1 hour ... will vary depending on your geo-location


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Powerful but, it is not an antivirus, it automates the white list management.