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A site where users can upload their own content.
Major hub for pornographic material involving Caucasian girls and Afro-Black gentlemen.
Also rated A+ by BusinessInsider in the Celebrity category (2014).

The admin and his team of moderators are competent, friendly and always present and very helpful explaining the various made up reasons why they banned you this time.

Definitely a site for all people looking for some good adult acrobatics time.
Minors should go to nick instead or something.


preddy cool

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i uploaded a bunch of stuff to redownload later and everything was still there! transfer speed was fast too. but i came back a couple days later and it was all gone! weird bug or something? someone reuploaded some of my music though so not all was lost i guess.

limit is 20gb per file (who would even need that much) and whenever i upload something everyone is very nice and tells me how cool my files are.

all in all a+++++ would tell my friends about it


That actually comes with little surprise.
The small counter behind each files shows you how much time is left until the file expires.

That is what makes volafile different from many other filesharing sites: After 2 days files are gone. Enough time to share them with friends, transfer them between devices or whatever.

I'm glad you liked it overall.

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