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Voicemod is so far the best re...

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voicemod is by far the best real time voice changer


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A really great tool. It's very "casualized" but that way anyone can easily use it, and it's still a very powerful software and probably the best voice modification tool I have used.


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The free version is severely gimped - no pitch control, no combinations. You've got 6 pre-made options - Baby, Blocks (autotune-like), Cave, Magic Chords, Police bot, and Titan. You can also add up to 3 random sound clips to a soundboard-like section. That's it.

The paid version allows for a lot more, and it's clear what you do and do not have access to.

Despite this, the program itself is beautifully made. Easy instructions make setup quick and a very clean UI makes it simple to navigate. Out of the handful of voice-changers I've tested, this one so far is the most modern and fancy-looking of the bunch. It reminds me of Discord's UI.