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Running Mac OS X in a virtual machine on Mac OS X

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On VMWare Fusion 4 and Parallels Desktop 7, running Mac OS X within a virtual machine is now officially supported. You were previously able to do this with Virtualbox (sort of), but there was no official support for it, so the process was really complicated and didn't work too well. On the other hand, installing OS X on VMWare Fusion 4 is totally pain-free. All I needed to do to install Lion with VMWare was select InstallESD.dmg at the new virtual machine prompt. (InstallESD.dmg is a disk image of Lion that can be found by right-clicking the Mac OS X Lion installer app, clicking "Show Package Contents", and going to Contents->SharedSupport.) That was all there was to it. The Lion installer booted without a hitch, sound worked by default, and there are even VMWare tools available for OS X that increase the screen resolution. If only setting up a Hackintosh was this easy.

Parallels Desktop was far less compliant than VMWare. When I tried to install OS X, it told me that only the server version of Lion is supported. Lame...


Running Boot Camp in a virtual machine

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I find it pretty cool that apps like VMWare Fusion and Parallels Desktop let you run your Windows partition inside a virtual machine on your Mac. I guess it's a pretty standard feature, but I definitely didn't expect it.