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There is little to recommend Vivaldi Mail at the moment other than:

  • their support for generating and using PGP keys to encrypt emails
  • an actually usable calendar

This, added to their stricter-than-industry-standard privacy policy is all good stuff. It means your emails aren't being trawled for private data that the parent company can sell for profit, as Google, Yahoo and Microsoft do. (If you don't realise it, realise it now: those services sell YOU and your privacy as a product to advertisers. You should quit them for that reason alone.)

But... if you're in the market for an email service that is more mature in security and privacy-respecting, check out Mailbox.org, Protonmail and/or Tutanota.


It is not the most powerful an...

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It is not the greatest e-mail service. The advantage of Vivaldi mail is that it's server is located in Iceland, who seems to be a world champion in internet liberty.

However, believe to no one and use encryption at your side (e.g., Small GnuPG iconGnuPG with Small Enigmail iconEnigmail).


You need to look at it again, Vivaldi is located in Norway, not Iceland. And to use the email service you have to verify your phone number with an SMS, far from private.

Introducing SMS verification for new Vivaldi Accounts

"Served from Iceland🍦
"Our mail servers are hosted in Iceland, a country very much driven by renewable energy. It also adheres to Europe's General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Read our full Privacy Policy for more details about how we handle your data." https://vivaldi.com/webmail/

Their server is in Iceland, but the company is in Norway, they have to abide by the laws in Norway.

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If you create a blog on their site and it violates their terms of service you also lose access to your Vivaldi e-mail. Not cool. Do not recommend. Use Protonmail.


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Just found it! But everything about Vivaldi is excellent!


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POS email.


3 wrong things
*REQUIRES 12 letters and numbers for your password
*REQUIRES your mobile number to get an email
*REQUIRES a previous email to send verification

BIG NO, do not sign up for this.

  1. good thing security wise
  2. true and this is the reason i stopped using it
  3. also true