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Bestt grammar checker for ESL

about VirtualWritingTutor · · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam catches grammar errors that other grammar and spell checkers miss. It is particularly good at catching English Second Language errors. Also, it is 100% free.


More than a grammar checker

about VirtualWritingTutor · · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

The Virtual Writing Tutor is more than just a free grammar checker or spell checker. When you check a text on the VWT, it shows you the location of the error, the type of error, correction, and provides a link to practice activities in the member area so that you can eliminate it forevermore. That's why it is called the Virtual Writing Tutor--it is a learning platform, a MOOC.

Another thing to notice is that it 100% spam-free and ad-free. It is supported by a small publishing company, so it isn't plastered with ads. Also, since Bokomaru Publications markets its products to ESL teachers, there is zero advantage to the company in pestering students or everyday users with spammy emails. It doesn't happen. It participates in the gift economy to create a favorable relationship with users. There is no hard-sell.

Finally, this is the first and perhaps only ESL grammar checker out there. It has been developed to catch common second language errors. Other systems focus on native speaker mistakes. There is a big difference between a mistake (an oversight) and an error (a systemic misunderstanding about the language). The Virtual Writing Tutor tries to catch both, and this is made possible by the active community of ESL teachers who submit suggestions for new errors and alert the developers of any false alarms. There is no other system like it.