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QEMU (manager) is a solution against EGPFault in Win87EM.dll with newer Intel-CPUs, best solution is AMD-CPU

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QEMU (manager) is the only software solution against EGPFault in Win87EM.dll with newer Intel-CPUs

QEMU Manager is an (too) old Windows GUI for QEMU, which has in Aug. 2016 unfortunately no actual version. In difference to VirtualBox or VMware Player you can emulate several CPUs, which would be necessary for old 16bit applications with EGPFault in Win87EM.dll with newer Intel-CPUs (than Haswell from 2013 and later) in all other virtual machines except QEMU.

So only with QEMU (not with VMware or VirtualBox or Windows XP Mode) you (in Windows theoretically, in Linux really) can use and compile Delphi 1.6 programs, when you have a newer Host-CPU from Intel. Without QEMU (and Linux) you must buy another computer with an AMD-CPU, because VirtualBox or VMware Player cannot emulate various CPUs, as QEMU can. Practically I was not successful to use the QEMU Manager on Windows 7 or 10, but QEMU is told to be the best solution for this purpose on Linux, but I have no experience with Linux. Unfortunally I bought 2 computers with newer Intel-CPUs (Lenovo Yoga 3 PRO and Toshiba Z30), which had the EGPFault in Win87EM.dll. Because of this I gave back the Toshiba Z30 already by warranty and changed it to a HP EliteBook 725 G3 (with only 1.25 kg and) with a new and very good AMD-A12-CPU. The HP EliteBook 725 G3 was cheaper than the Toshiba Z30 (as additional advantage over the expensive INTEL-CPUs). In the next weeks I must send back the Lenovo Yoga 3 PRO also by warranty. I recommend all persons, which have the EGPFault in Win87EM.dll with newer Intel-CPUs to do the same (give back the Intel-CPU-Computer by warranty and to substitute it by an AMD-Computer). Only so you can hope, that Intel stops the fatal strategy, to develop only new CPUs, which do not support programs with a mathematic coprocessor.

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Works well, free and can be effectively deleted - if needed

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Often people like to write their reviews, when they are ill-at-heart. Mine is not like that. Nop. Yes, I've deleted the app after I couldn't install Remix OS Android on it with my limited knowledge of programming and hardware. Sooo is it a good app. Well, it's free and it looks good and promising - couldn't do the job I wanted it to.

I do remember earons back, I used Virtual box to install Windows XP on and it worked well :)

5 out of 5 from me. It's free, no headache or heartache ... just simple joy, if you're into it :)


it works for me

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i really like this, helps a lot when i have to try something new i always do it in my vb first


Works great considering it's free - not many other options outside of built in windows or pay for vmware

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Works great - not many other options outside of built in windows or pay for vmware


With update it now works well on Mac

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With the recent update I find that VirtualBox now works well on Mac OSX, though some features like clipboard sharing between host and guest OS still lacks..


Best application

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The best virtualization application ever. There is no other so good like this.


VirtualBox portable does not work without admin-rights

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Unfortunally the VirtualBox portable does not really work as a stand-alone-app

It only works with a parallel original VirtualBox Desktop installation.
I have created the 64bit-Version of the "VirtualBox portable" on Vista business 64 bit, downloaded from and/or .

The call of an existing virtual (VirtualBox) machine with Windows XP as a guest with VirtualBox portable "X:\PApps+VM\Ptb.VirtualBox.3.2.8.x64\portable VirtualBox.exe" with existing subfolder "X:\PApps+VM\Ptb.VirtualBox.3.2.8.x64\app64" on a drop box (=X) subfolder worked only so long perfectly, until after deinstallation of VirtualBox Desktop the error message came :

"VirtualBox - Runtime Error
Cannot access the kernel driver!
Make sure the kernel module has been loaded successfully."

After pressing the "Abort"-button:
"The virtual machine .... has terminated unexpectedly after startup"

It also does not work, if you create the VirtualBox portable on Windows XP 32bit.

**The only working portable "VM" I know is MojoPac. **

But it is not really a VM, it only works on all computers with Windows XP as a host system or as a VM.