Virtual Wifi Router Version 2 Reviews


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I tried to install with the installation program and it installed the Babylon tool bar in my browser even though I told it not to and even after I tried to stop the installation prior to it installing! The Babylon tool bar does not uninstall easily, I had to jump through a few hoops to remove it.

I have not tried the version of the Virtual WiFi Router that does not use the installer, I have lost confidence in this product because of the crap it tries to install.

My advice is to move on and find another product, keep you computer clean and trustworthy.

I have been using the free version of Connectify, I may have to use the paid version to get the additional features (use of https connections) I want.

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My new Virtual Router favorite!

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I have had issues with both Connectify and "Virtual Router". Connectify caused some issue while booting up or something and Virtual Router just started crashing for me. This one works fine so far!


you can download a clean copy from cnet