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Expensive, laggy, and overly complicated

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I recently bought this software after seeing it on alternativeTo, and created a virtual cable between VLC and Ventrilo, two latency-free applications, for anyone unfamiliar with them. Every few seconds or so, the audio would lag and get choppy. I googled this problem related to Ventrilo and VLC, and tried all the solutions, but nothing worked. I then googled the problem related to Virtual Audio Cable and discovered others had the same problem. I tried all the fixes suggested, and even fiddled with some of the internal "advanced" settings. Literally nothing worked, and the lag only got worse. Even the buffering feature designed with the express purpose of preventing this choppy lag failed. Instead, it completely silenced anything sent through the virtual cable.

I uninstalled Virtual Audio Cable, and installed the free VB-Audio Cable which is an alternative to Virtual Audio Cable. That program had no traces of the lag that was plaguing me, and it was free too. Also, it required absolutely no setup or fiddling to get it to work.


$30 is way too much money

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Phone apps with 100x as much functionality sell for $5. Pshh.

Here is an open source clone that might work for some people: Virtual audio capture grabber device

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