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Affordable security for your home network.

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Selecting Antivirus and Firewall software for your home network is a difficult task. Many users these days have several computers, personally I have a Desktop, HTPC, Netbook and a Laptop. That is 4 PC's for a single person, so cost becomes an issue if you opt for a commercial solution. Security is not stronger than your weakest link, so either you stick with free antivirus software or buy a license to all your PC's.

I evaluated all the major Internet Security solutions, and settled with VIPRE Internet Security 2012. Vipre is amongst the fastest, if not THE fastest antivirus software for Windows. And it manages to be fast while still having above average protection.

Vipre's firewall is both powerful and easy to configure. The default options do not bother the user unless absolutely necessary, and that is a good thing. Because many tend to just open up the firewall too much, or even disable it completely if it bothers them too much.

The GUI is minimalistic and clean, without advertisements and clutter. Unfortunately most other Internet Security suites even when registered, still feed you advertisements (usually trying to get you to buy the companys other products, or extending subscriptions etc..)

Vipre is in my opinion the most underrated Internet Security suite, often unfairly reviewed in big tests (where it usually places slightly above average, but rarely amongst top 3). The problem is that many reviewers base their scores entirely on theoretical virus detection tests. But very little credit is given on the user experience (easy of use, GUI, performance, cost).

Vipre Internet Security 2012 gets my highest recommendations. It has leading performance and ease of use, while providing above average protection. I saved the best for last, for a user with several PC's, Vipre IS 2012 is the only solution that is available with an affordable 10 PC license.

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