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Installation issue in current versions

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In their current Windows versions, both Nikon View NX-i (v1.2.4) and Capture NX-D (v1.4.3) install to the standard Windows programs folder, without giving the user any option to change the installation path! This is of course poor etiquette, and not an acceptable way of treating a user's system, but it also makes the software unusable for anyone who can't, or doesn't want to, install (large) applications to their root partition.

Update, December 2016: Nikon's (very prompt and friendly) customer support acknowledged this problem, and suggested that moving the program folder after installation has completed (and adjusting any shortcuts) should work. I can confirm that it does, so this might be a solution for some. They also said that they forwarded my feedback to the development team, so there's hope that the installation procedure might be fixed in a future version.

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