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ThereĀ“s no toolbar with tools for easy access, you got to read the help file and use the keyboard to do lots of stuff like splitting the video for example.
I wanted to change the video codec and also the bit rate when exporting the video. When I did change the codec I got a error that it couldn't write the header. I tried several codecs.

About the Bit Rate, why not show it in Kbps or even Mbps like any other similar application instead of Bits that will show a number with lots of zeroes so you have to count them just to know if you get it right.

At least I learned that "Gop" is the same as "Keyframe", the word every other video editor use.
It seems very buggy and lacking easily accessible tools.

The developer have put lots of effort into making the functions work, but if more time is spent to improve the UI it would become so much better.