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No feemium, this app is trialware!

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Even though the application itself absolutely does what it promises, the 'free for home use' suggestion is not correct. After 30 days you'll have to buy a license or it won't export DVD, MP4 or other formats. Basically that makes it useless unless you pay.


Light video editor, good for starters

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  • 13mb installed (yes, 13mb)
  • open fast, no lags, good for old and bad computers without resources
  • have basic features for a good edit
  • support keyframes (but limited worflow)


  • the video and effects needs cache into the software to execute completly
  • some simple tasks can be painful (move objects, add effects...), needs to improve some mechanics to be most effective
  • offer other products to make other tasks (i don't like it)

If you have a bad or old computer, or just want do some simple task, go on. But if you want work hard, you need to buy a better computer and try Vegas or Premiere.


yes this is best video editor i ever used with most of basic feature for simple task and multi convert (Adobe premiere cannot do this)

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Sadly, this application changes your system quite a bit. For example, it associate itself with dat-files. And replacing dat-files icons with it's own. Why in the world would they do this?
Dat-files are commonly used among sooo many applications and Windows too!

And you'll get a couple of useless apps installed at the same time you install VideoPad.

The application was a really good alternative for Windows Movie Maker since I wanted something simple but all the extra things is just too much. Choose another product.


Easy to use and sufficient for amateur needs

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The software comes with an old-school windows GUI, which is a good thing (clean, intuitive, fast to work with, options not hidden). I tried Lightworks first but for an amateur like me its learning curve is super steep; here I was able to do things precisely as I wanted within half an hour: multiple audio and video tracks, effects timed by keypoints, trimming of tracks,... For non-professional use recommended!


Intuitive, better user exprience, works perfect

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Spent days using Lightworks to join many MP4 videos with different framerates without achieving my goal. Then I found VideoPad Editor and achieved my goal in literally 5 minutes!! I assume Lightworks works best for professionals, with more configurations and possibilities. But if you just need to do regular videos not for cinema or TV, VideoPad is WAY WAY WAY more intuitive.


not good for big files

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I imported video from concert, 9 hours, 1.3 GB file, but sound was imported only for first 3 hours, then it stopped. I tried severasl times and I checked with VLC, video has sound but not when I import it in VideoPad.