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From what I can tell this is a different frontend for Handbrake. I have used both and almost always use VidCoder for my encodes. UI is simpler than handbrake, which I fine for me. I don't know enough about encoding to be confident using handbrake alone.


Excellent Video Conversion Program

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This program was a great find for me, just what I was looking for to perform high quality back ups of my video collection. Use this with MakeMKV and you have an excellent system to fit your needs. Highly Recommended!


Much better than Handbrake

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VidCoder is much better and easier to use than Handbrake.

You can simply add tons of video files and convert them in a single click. Converted files will be saved in the same folder as the original file, unless you explicitely set a destination folder.

If you like Handbrake you should try VidCoder